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Pebble Beach Resorts build a portfolio of high-end branded gifts that celebrate employees’ also increase employee engagement and retention.


Pebble Beach is a luxury golf resort that makes service and attention to detail part of its mission. They want guests to leave with lasting memories of a lavish experience. At every 5-year milestone, employees can choose from a selection of high-end gifts.At every 5-year milestone, employees receive a preselected, high-end gift from Pebble Beach executives. The gifts are highly coveted retail-style options that instill excitement and keep team members engaged.


Each year Image Architects’ team collaborates with HR to discuss the employee service program.  They carefully build a portfolio of branded gifts that are thoughtfully chosen and beautifully designed. Victorinox watches, bags, travel suitcases and utility items extend a warm thank you to employees for their service and offer an exquisite piece of the Pebble Beach brand to take home and use every day.


Pebble Beach employees proudly display their service gifts through daily use. The employee service program builds lasting memories to help increase engagement and retention.

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Pebble Beach and Employee Retention