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The SunPower® Dealer Network Makes Cobranded Merchandise Buying Easy


SunPower® is a provider of innovative solar technologies and energies. The company partners with 300 distributors and engages in collaborative marketing across several industries. To increase brand awareness and support promotional marketing programs, Image Architects helped SunPower® create a dealer network online company store.


SunPower® places high importance on brand integrity and logo positioning. They needed a solution that would ensure the cobranded merchandise effectively represented the SunPower® brand along with the brands of its 300 dealers.


The Image Architects team helped SunPower® strategically select the optimal mix of branded merchandise that could display both company and dealer brands while meeting budget needs.  Image Architects leveraged its strong supplier relationships to choose the merchandise that could beautifully showcase multiple brands with integrity. 


Image Architects is part of the dealer network funding program created by SunPower®, and is a long-term strategic partner for fulfilling branded merchandise needs. From branded apparel and giveaways, to customer gifts and tech swag, cobranded marketing has never been easier.

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SunPower® Dealer Network